Scott Awards

14 May 2015

Scott was honored to be awarded not one, but two 2015 Bicycling Magazine Editors’ Choice awards. Presenting the awards at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, the editors of Bicycling magazine recognized the Contessa Genius 710 and the Spark 910 as being at the top of their game among peer products.


The Contessa Genius 710 got the award over similarly mid-priced trail bikes for its versatility, affordability, and pure trail riding fun. Associate Editor Gloria Liu presented the award, describing how much fun the bike delivered in all different trail conditions. She made special mention of the TwinLoc suspension control system, noting how easy it was to change the character of the bike on the fly.


Test Director Matt Phillips presented the award for the Spark 910. He remarked on the undeniable efficiency of the carbon framed XC racer, thanks in large part to the TwinLoc system. Testers found the bike to be fast and responsive in all situations, and it was perfectly suited for the demands of cross-country and light trail riding.